Satellite booking music advertising

“Yeah stop use facebook, give up,”he concluded.

Satellite booking music advertising residents had not fully comply with the rules of sterilization busway. Especially during heavy rain and road conditions jammed.

Satellite booking music advertising monitoring, ( 02/12/2013 ) at 20.40 WIB seen some reckless motorist enters Transj path along the road towards the monument MT haryono Jewel.

Congestion does look long enough along the road towards the monument pancoran MT haryono. The opposite would occur

otherwise in TransJakarta lane that look deserted.

Because not guarded by the police, finally some reckless motorist stuck gas and passes the busway. Moreover, the

conditions are quite heavy rain makes them increasingly tighten motor speed through traffic jams by using Satellite booking music advertising lane.

The new police seen at the intersection of Jewel monument. Even then, the police were busy directing traffic that is being congested.